Balneotherapy Centre

Charcot shower

The Charcot shower is designed to increase blood flow to all organs and systems. Depending on the temperature of the water, the jet increases or

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Underwater gymnastics

Performing exercises in an underwater environment. Its advantages are due to the different environment and specific qualities of water. In underwater gymnastics the water temperature

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Physical and rehabilitation medicine

It is a branch of medicine that studies the application of physical factors – natural and transformed (artificial), for preventive, curative, and rehabilitative purposes.


Active kinesitherapy is all types of movement therapy in which the patient actively performs the movement. According to the type and nature of physical exercise;

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Heat treatment

Heat therapy is a method of physical treatment that uses thermal agents with a large heat capacity, which slowly give off their heat to the

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Salt Room

The salt room is one of the most natural ways to improve health, impacting respiratory, skin ailments and mental disorders. A stay in a salt

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Inhalation therapy

Therapeutic action: The method of treating the airways with an inhaler (nebuliser) is recognised as very effective and safe. Inhalation therapy enables a rapid impact

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Light Therapy

Light therapy /reformed physical factors/ – Light therapy uses a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation covering the range of infrared, visible and ultraviolet

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Previous slide Next slide Low frequency magnetic field /LFMF/ Therapeutic action: Low frequency magnetic field is widely used in medical practice. The processes it induces

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Low-frequency currents /LFC/ Medium frequency currents Low-frequency currents /LFC/ Their therapeutic action is divided into irritant and depressant, depending on their frequency. In the body,

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